Talent Development

Often high staff turnover and the loss of great talent is due to a lack of development opportunities. This is avoidable if an appropriate and effective talent development strategy is in place and properly implemented.

Let us help you attract, retain, and develop your talent. We can design complete organisational development programmes for the full spectrum of employees and stakeholders, from early career professionals to upper management – there is no individual employee or level of management that cannot benefit from further development. Development initiatives that are effective and embedded within organisational culture are proven to increase engagement, which increases productivity and ultimately, retention.

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Apprenticeship Levy

 Since the levy was introduced in 2017, there has been a decrease in new apprentices starting programmes. A key issue across many organisations can be a lack of understanding of where to start. We have expertise in assisting organisations in harnessing their apprenticeship levy to reap maximum benefit.

The levy, which can be used from early career stages (level 3), through to MBA (level 7), and is hugely beneficial. We can help implement an effective apprenticeship levy strategy to take full advantage of your organisation’s levy fund, with a result of reducing your current training qualification costs.

Emerging Talent

 As well as thinking about your teams today, it’s important to consider future acquisition and retention of talent, your talent pipelines. Today we benefit from a multigenerational workforce that is broader than any other point in history, and with an ageing population, is only set to widen. Is your business planning ahead for when Gen Alpha (those born from 2010 onwards) arrive in your workforce? This could happen as early as 2026/2028. These individuals, with their values, work ethic, and technological skills, are going to change the game completely.

We can help develop a future talent pipeline strategy that will enable your multigenerational workforce to work harmoniously and effectively together for years to come.