Personal and Career Development in Barbican

In-Indigo offers one to one career coaching and development sessions in Barbican with a particular focus on and specialism in emerging talent. These sessions provide direction, encourage development, and ensure retention of this valuable demographic.

We provide ‘one to one’ behavioural sessions at any level helping to increase self-awareness and perception. These sessions are beneficial at any stage of career, whether looking to progress further or improve difficult relationships or situations by creating a behavioural ‘mind-shift’.

in-indigo ltd, inindigo ltd
in-indigo ltd, inindigo ltd

Bespoke Training & Mentoring in Barbican

We can design and deliver both standalone or complete programmes of bespoke training workshops in Barbican, from emerging talent through to leadership. These programmes can be tailored to your organisation’s requirements.

Perception is key within every decision we make and every action we take. Those decisions and actions can impact us individually, alongside with team members and other key stakeholders.

Talent Development in Barbican

Often high staff turnover and the loss of great talent is due to a lack of development opportunities. This is avoidable if an appropriate and effective talent development strategy is in place and properly implemented.

Let us help you attract, retain, and develop your talent. We can design complete organisational development programmes for the full spectrum of employees and stakeholders, from early career professionals to upper management – there is no individual employee or level of management that cannot benefit from further development. Development initiatives that are effective and embedded within organisational culture are proven to increase engagement, which increases productivity and ultimately, retention.

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What People Are Saying

  • Anna strikes the perfect balance of managing people alongside maintaining personable relationships with each individually. Her passion for helping others to grow has helped my career to-date hugely, and I couldn’t thank her enough for her support.

    - Lauren Hubbard, Executive

  • I’ve worked with Anna on several talent related initiatives and always found her professionalism and attention to detail to be first class. She brings a deep knowledge of her field along with a track record of delivery. I would certainly recommend working with Anna and expect to do so again (in the future).

    - Daniel Pedley, Account Director

  • In advance of commencing my apprenticeship, I had a programme designed specifically for me and tailored to my CV. Anna made every aspect of my apprenticeship valuable which ultimately lead to my employment. It was a pleasure to have her as a manager but more importantly a mentor throughout my scheme. Should the opportunity ever arise, I would relish the opportunity to work with her again.

    - Emma Attwaters, Assistant Underwriter

In-Indigo - Developing People - Optimising Performance

About In-Indigo – Coaching and Mentoring in Barbican

I’m Anna. I believe in being authentic, real and true to yourself – to create your own success. I am passionate about people and enabling organisations to reach their full potential through optimising people’s performance.

Without the people working effectively together – there is no business success…

Fascinated by human behaviour, my career has given me in-depth understanding of the impact on individuals, teams and organisations. As a learning and development professional with nearly 20 years’ experience, I’ve worked with large multinationals and SMEs, primarily within the financial services and insurance sector. I also have experience within the IT, professional services and third sectors.

Over the years I have worked with many amazing people who have inspired me to succeed today. With my experience, knowledge and desire to develop others, In-Indigo Ltd was born out of an authentic passion.

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We’re proud to be an official Insights Licensed Practitioner Partner.

Where appropriate to your learning solution and to fulfil maximum potential, we may utilise Insights Discovery, alongside a range of other tools and techniques. We’ve had excellent feedback from clients, who love the easy to understand and use four-colour model of individual preferences, measured using a brief online evaluator. A detailed personality profile highlights strengths, preferred communication styles as well as areas for potential improvement and can help guide individuals on their journey of self-understanding.

Insights Discovery enables people to answer the question, “Who am I?” and so far over four million people across the world have had that question answered. When we provide Insight profiles as part of your solution, we’ll work with you to apply it to maximum benefit for individual, teams and the organisation.